E.A. Quinn puts safety above all else.  It is critical to the success of our business and to the value we provide clients.  We could not be prouder of our safety rating as reflected in the company’s EMR rating of .69.  An EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is essentially based on workers compensation claims history.  Some compare it to a credit score, but in this case, lower is better.  If you have an EMR higher than 1.0, it means you have a greater number of incidents and related claims in proportion to the total payroll cost.

There are a couple of factors that have helped E.A. Quinn maintain this extremely low EMR.

1. Our rigorous safety program includes bi-weekly tailgate meetings on different safety topics and an emphasis on “safety first”.  These meetings include demos on how to safely use all types of hand-held equipment, how to best operate a skid steer, or why it is important to wear a hard hat on the jobsite.  These consistent reminders about the critical habit of putting safety first helps crew members do just that.

2. Team mentality is at the core of what we do. It starts at the top with our founder, Ed Quinn. He has always stressed the importance of being part of a team and this trickles down to our crews in the field.  When you are a team, you look out for one another and make sure everyone is following the proper safety protocols.  Crew members are aware of their environment and potential pitfalls.  Ed takes safety seriously and so do all employees of E.A. Quinn.

3. OSHA Certification is required if you are working on commercial properties. All employees are OSHA 10 certified with 10 hours of formal safety training.  But E.A. Quinn is taking safety one step further by requiring our supervisors and foreman obtain an OSHA 30 certification.  That means they will each have 30 hours of formal safety training.  This only further enhances our commitment to keeping all employees safe.

EMR ratings matter to companies like E.A. Quinn because, first and foremost, it is a reflection of our commitment to putting safety first.  It also sets us apart when competing on projects or soliciting new clients.  It also makes our company attractive to the best potential employees.  EMR ratings should matter to clients looking to higher companies like E.A. Quinn because it will give them peace of mind.  Imagine the delays and negative financial impact if there was an accident involving a crew member working on your project or property.  It is important to have the crews that are working on your property focused on safety above all else.